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This page is a showcase for projects that are using Tetra. Please feel free to add your own!


puppetmasterA puzzle game. Made for Nokia 3310 Jam.

Shoot Out Your Life

puppetmasterAn arcade shooter where your ammo is your lives. Made for Ludum Dare 44.


VladimirMarkelovA puzzle game, inspired by "Flipull" for the NES.


17cupsofcoffeeA tech demo, showing how a roguelike can be built with Tetra and an ECS library.


17cupsofcoffeeA Tetris clone, built to demonstrate what a full Tetra game might look like.


johanlindforsA tiny snake sample, use arrow keys to steer the snake.

flappy bird

johanlindforsA flappy bird sample, use mouse to interact.


datohA puzzle game prototype.

Lonely Star

17cupsofcoffeeA side-scroller with generative music.

Will It Dissolve?

puppetmasterA little puzzle game. Made for Open Jam 2019.

Compact Space

puppetmasterAn unusual space shooter. Made for Game Off 2019.

The Last Of Its Kind

puppetmasterA very simple child's game with a hidden little message. Made for Ludum Dare 46.


puppetmasterA small, easy, relaxed, non-violent puzzle adventure game. Made for LOWREZJAM 2020.